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Direct message - Chik chuk 15.0.0 APK

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    Mar 29 2021

Direct message - Chik chuk

Direct message: Open chat
Open a chat directly in WhatsApp for any number, without saving it in your contact list.
Through us you can open direct chat on whatsapp & whatsapp businesses even without saving the number in your contact list.
Click to chat - and you're in!
* What are the benefits of our app? *
Also send a message to those who are not saved in your contact list
2. Someone has called you and you want to send him a WhatsApp message directly
3. Chat with yourself on WhatsApp
4. Clean app - no ads!
We are the only app that requires verification of your phone number, to ensure maximum protection for your phone and ensure that you are well secured.
So what exactly will this app do for you?
It will make it easier for you, and it will help you.
If you too are getting longer with a tangled list that is getting longer like:
Shopping of:
"It's from the grocery store" ..
"Delivery of the computer I ordered" ..
And other people you only corresponded with once.
Feel free to discover the app that will solve this problem for you: Chick Chuck in a direct message
Convenient app. easy. simple. And saves a lot of time.
From today you can send WhatsApp messages even to those who are not saved in your contacts.
In addition to all this, at the entrance to the app, type in your phone number and start chatting with yourself. Yes. There you can write down your daily to-do list + stick your self chat in the top of whatsapp so you have an easier life :)
Highlights: We use the official WhatsApp API, but we have no connection or affiliation with WhatsApp
Plus, you can start a live WhatsApp chat with yourself. Yes! Just type in your phone number in the app and you will be surprised to discover something new.
Our app currently supports two languages - English and Hebrew, additional languages will be added later.
How to use?
Enter the phone number you want to talk to.
2. Click the "Open whatsapp message in chat" button

And detects a confidential conversation

If you have used and enjoyed our app, we will be happy for you to rate us 5 stars, it will add us a lot, and give us the opportunity to upgrade for you!
Why use the open instant messaging application?
We have chosen to build for you the best app in the field. Open a chat on WhatsApp. Instant WhatsApp notification. Direct message. No commercials. You may want to give it a try. We are aware that other applications have advertisements that may interfere with the user experience, this is exactly what we have come to change and we are interested in giving you an effective and attractive user experience. Cancel commercial order!
As long as the app is used by you, we will add great features that will continue to give you the best experience, but do not worry - everything will remain light and simple, so you will enjoy using open chat in a direct message.
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