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Feel Better

Depression is on the rise and will soon kill more people than heart disease. Social media, email, messaging, apps, and now intelligent bots fight for our attention and feed addictions. Meditate? Turn our phones off? How? A super active mind takes great pleasure getting things done and technology is our productivity tool. While actually, we often *lose focus* through the overwhelm technology brings us. Information overload, stress, lack of sleep, anxiety or sadness creeps in. Creativity takes a hit. Prioritization becomes challenging. Rather than fueling our own burn out, we need to feel better, quickly.This app won’t solve your problems. You will. With feelbetter, you focus on what’s important, you shift your state of mind, and you inspire yourself RIGHT NOW. Recalibrate every day, or every meal: Prioritize and act on what truly matters over and over. In five minutes, feel better’s guided session is the shortest path for us to inspire ourselves. It applies principles found in CBT, goal setting, vision boards, biofeedback, growth mindset exercises, law of abundance, manifestation, journaling, and personal development coaching. FAST. Have time to process others’ inspiration? feel better’s video section goes deeper into your interests, be it financial growth, meditation, lucid dreaming, breath work, love, co-living, sleep hypnosis, learning from innovation and thought leaders, or just plain old awesome people doing awesome things.Features○ feel better guided path○ Goal setting and daily goals○ Focus reminders○ Mood tracking diary ○ Gratitude chat○ Intelligent mood prediction messaging○ Emotional patterns ○ Inspirational videos○ 1-click mood recording○ Anonymous guest mode Benefits○ Manifest your goals○ Listen to your intuition ○ Trust yourself ○ Reduce stress, anxiety, and sadness○ Know your dreams○ Know your priorities○ Ask better questions○ Make constant progress○ Sleep better○ Stay inspiredThis app won’t tell you what to do. You will. With feelbetter, you ask better questions, you become confident in what you want most, and want to do RIGHT NOW. Check your moods’ compass every day or every meal: Prioritize and act on what truly matters over and over. It’s not over- or under-achieving, instead you are achieving what matters. Feel better now, and with access to your history, see the results with your own eyes. feelbetterapp.io
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