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    Jan 08 2023

Granny is Pennywise

Pennywise Evil Clown is a mods version with special function of scary games. Do you love IT, clown, or something?There is a very evil clown named peneywise who loves horror games and scary games. Pennywise Evil Clown is the best of adventure games in this year 2019!Kids are in the evil clown's scary house today, Penywise is a scary crafting with lots of dangerous traps everywhere in her house.Remember that the scary Pennywise can hear every little sounds so do not make any sound at all and you have 5 days to escape from the house, don't be scared!Penywise makes fears for children and fun games for kids, the main character of this horror game listen to any sounds you make and never stop finding and chasing you.The best games are not just great but exilent then you would face your fears untill the end of the strategy game (mods version).Penny wise Evil Clown is a challenge: The new best horror game of this year with many features:- Jump scared, traps are everywhere so be careful.- The clown in new looks - evil clown.- Horror and fear are always visible from inside.- Hide to survive, you must be hurry.- Bendy baseball sick is very hard.- Children should say hello to the evil devil.- This jumpscare game can take you fears and even your tears sometime.- Easy to play with Ghost mode, Very hard mode and Dark mode.- Cry if you are scared but do not give up, get out of the ghost house with any price.Bendy and opened to new ideas, you are always wellcomne to this free game 2019!Let's get out of that old house!
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更新日期 : 2019-05-11

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