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    Aug 14 2018

Horror Game

The description of Haunted Grandpa House Horror Where are you now?? Are you feeling something strange here?? You are not belong to this old house sowhat are you doing here in this creepy house!!! This is it!! You are just trapped in this horror house. Doyou know the angry grandpa is coming towards you and yes, he is the one who kidnapped you andtrapped inside the horror neighbor house. You will try to find out and make an escape plan from thisspooky house but this is the mystery that you need to uncover.Everyone loves to listen about horror story but when it comes to play a spooky grandpa escape housegame, they might think twice as they will get goose bumps while playing that horror game. Play theangry grandpa game and you will definitely be addicted to this haunted game. You are welcome to themost horror story that you will going to be a part of this. This evil spooky game will scare you and youwill feel like your heart is pounding. Start your journey in this scary game.Hey! Do you see the scary grandpa in your neighborhood horror house daily? And do you see somemysterious things there too? Oh don’t involve in such spooky and creepy things. Ignore them as you canbe trapped.Sadly! You are now trapped in the scary house!! But did you get in this creepy house? It seems that youwere kidnapped by the horror grandpa. You are now in the horror house but don’t be afraid of thishouse. This spooky house is running the chills down your spine and you really have no idea how did youget in there. You will going to try to escape from this old house but that is not an easy survival mission toaccomplish.Look for thousand escapes but this is the mystery of the spooky grandpa that you need to find out.Accomplish the mysterious secret survival mission to escape from the house so that the creepy grandpawon’t try to trap others. You are bound under the curse of the spooky house. Are you listening to thosecreepy voices inside this horror house? Don’t get scared of these sounds as these whisper sounds aretrying to scare the hell out of you.Try to silently escape from this neighborhood before the horror grandpa catches you from behind andgrabs you from her sharp sword. She has trapped you badly and you need to find out how to escapefrom this horror story. All the doors are closed and you don’t have keys of any of the doors. You need tofind out the keys to open every door to escape house. Search for the keys inside the cupboards andunder the tables but be silent as even one single whisper can cost your life. So be careful in finding thekeys from this haunted game.If you really don’t wish to be trapped here for lifetime then you must make an escape plan silentlybefore any evil creature trap you again. This is the spooky old house where you don’t want to betrapped for more than a minute now because there is no light inside the scary house and it gettingdarker and darker outside also. So hurry up before it’s been black out all over.You have been given five days to accomplish this survival mission otherwise you are going to be in thisscary neighbor house for lifetime. Find out the mystery and the keys all around the scary haunted game.Be silent and sneak into all the rooms. Open the doors with the correct keys and escape!If you feel that the scary grandpa is in the house then hide yourself inside the cupboard and under thebed. Accomplish your mission and try finding other mysteries by unlocking other houses. Complete themission within the five days to earn more points.******Features*******5 days are given for the escape planRealistic 3D horror environmentRich HD graphics of the scary houseFPS creepy simulationScary background voice*******How To Play The angry grandpa*******Tap to start the survival mission inside the horror houseYou are trapped in the spooky house for five daysSearch for the keys for house escapeUse on screen controls to move around the houseMove inside the creepy house silently
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