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    Jan 05 2021

Mobile Vehicle Survey 2.0

The ESTAFETA AUTOMOTIVE MOBILE 2.0 is an irreplaceable assistant in everyday work of logisticians and drivers, employees of terminals and warehouses, importers and dealerships.
Application in online mode automates the processes of planning and tasks assignment for transportation, loading and unloading, allowing to exchange the resulting data with the exact time spent working on specific tasks.
The service option of GPS-tracking of transportation routes simultaneously use the data obtained from the mobile devices with installed ESTAFETA AUTOMOTIVE MOBILE 2.0 application and the data from the autonomous truck GPS navigation systems what excludes tracking errors of the distance covered.
User-friendly and intuitive interface allows to effectively conduct vehicle surveys during all logistics phases without mistakes and additional costs and to document any details of vehicles condition during their acceptance-transfer.
Survey results are stored in the mobile device and are easily integrated with WEB-services for processing, analysis, archiving and publishing results.
Application contains extensive libraries of automotive brands, main body parts and interiors, detailed interactive schemas of vehicles for visual survey.
ESTAFETA AUTOMOTIVE MOBILE 2.0 provides the correct functioning of processes in offline mode, collecting the results of completed tasks and surveys and transferring this data to servers when connection to the network is available.
Users of the program do not require any special skills. There are detailed help and video lessons with subtitles that allow to learn all features and processes of ESTAFETA AUTOMOTIVE MOBILE 2.0 in very quick and efficient way.
ESTAFETA AUTOMOTIVE MOBILE 2.0 can be used on any smartphone or tablet running Android 4.4 or newer versions.
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