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Monster Track Derby 3D

Drive cars with giant wheels not for racing competition, but for racing destruction! In truck competition racing is about being last, not first. Arena can have only one destruction champion! Drive a monster truck and smash enemy cars with your wheels. Will your wheels be last on the monster truck arena?

Monster Truck Derby features:

- Monster truck CARnage
- Cars and upgrades
- Furious derby
- Arena competition
- Tough enemies
- Joy of destruction

True champion is defined in destruction competition, not circle racing. monster truck is destruction on wheels. Puny cars won’t last a minute on monster derby arena. Drive your derby truck through arena. Derby arena has one rule - destruction wins competition. Unleash racing rage in Monster Truck Derby, bring destruction on your wheels!

Cars for massaCAR! A derby champion has a long way to drive. Enemy cars get tougher, competition gets harder. But every derby makes you stronger. Upgrade your monster truck to bring more destruction to the arena - garage arms racing is part of the competition. Title of derby champion will fall to a man with tough wheels. Play a leading part in the symphony of destruction on the derby arena!

Prepare for derby! Nature itself takes part in destruction. Drive your wheels always from fireballs, falling on the arena. All cars are in danger, even your monster truck! Use it as advantage in competition. Racing with explosions, destruction and huge wheels - that’s pure drive!

Arena waits for a destruction champion on a monster truck!
Monster Truck Derby - time for some racing destruction!
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Version : 1.1 for Android 5.0及更高版本

更新日期 : 2019-05-16

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