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[Escape game - Nakayubi Corporation]Nakayubi's new game is 'Escape from Nakayubi Corporation'.Let's escape from the house made with beautiful 3D graphics.Easy escape game that you can play.Explore the room and find items and solve puzzles.Can you escape from this place?[Escape method of operation]- There is an auto-save feature.· Let's examine the place to be worried about on the screen in the tap· You can magnify items by double tapping items.· You may be able to use other items for enlarged items.And movement is also that you can by tapping the arrow, or a specific location at the bottom of the screen.And acquisition item can be selected in the tap.Items in the selected state, can be used by tapping a particular location.• When solving packed mystery, you can get a hint by looking at the video ad.• There is an extra game after escape.twitter : @HarukiRyoheiinstagram:@nakayubi_corp
Nakayubi 历史版本
Nakayubi 2.3 for Android 4.3及更高版本 下载

Version : 2.3 for Android 4.3及更高版本

更新日期 : 2019-07-25

下载APK (74.88 MB)

Nakayubi 1.0 for Android 4.1及更高版本 下载

Version : 1.0 for Android 4.1及更高版本

更新日期 : 2019-07-18

下载APK (72.78 MB)

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