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Save The Astronaut is a wonderful skill-based arcade game with a very simple and fun premise. You need to do whatever it takes in order to keep the astronaut alive while trying to overcome some of the most challenging perils that you can find out there. The game is designed with intensity in mind and it always pushes you over the boundaries as you try to have the best possible fun out there.With Save The Astronaut you always get to try out new ways to get that high score. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. But it’s a great opportunity and unique experience that always pushes you to come back and just have a whole lot of fun.=> How can you play Save The Astronaut?The way Save The Astronaut works are actually very easy to understand. You have the astronaut at the bottom and a large white circle above him. Your job is to use that white circle as you try to eliminate all those things that threaten to attack your astronaut. Things can be very problematic and challenging as you play, so you have to do everything you can in order to win as fast as possible. As you play the astronaut will be attacked with a variety of things. Be it planets, sticks, rocks and so on, all of these are quite hard to deal with. The interesting thing is that you can stack them as you play, and that will help increase the overall score quite a bit.Even if there will be lots of attacks, Save The Astronaut always offers you some unique and rewarding gameplay mechanics and you need to do whatever it takes to survive. Every map is randomly generated, so you never really know what you will play next. That enhances the replay value and it brings in front unique experiences that you do not want to miss at all.And then you have the store. As you play you can acquire currency and this can be used to unlock new astronauts. There are new and fun astronauts to uncover all the time. And the higher the score you have, the more chances to unlock new astronauts!=> Become the best space explorerBeing able to explore the space and just have fun out there is pretty nice. It’s the type of thing that has the potential to do wonders, but it’s up to you to play as you see fit. However, Save The Astronaut does require a lot of attention and focus. You won’t be able to reach the top of any leaderboard without the right focus and attention. It’s definitely handy if you study every little situation and then adapt to it accordingly. It can definitely bring you some pretty cool experiences, all you need is to just check it out and once you do that you will have a lot of fun with it.=> Easy to play, yet hard to masterSave The Astronaut is very easy to play and get into. However, it can be very hard to master as you try to reach the highest score. The leaderboards are always here to test your skills, and there are thousands of people that already submitted their score. Are you ready to tackle all these challenges and reach the top? The possibilities are definitely there, you just have to embrace them. And rest assured that there are tons of unique moments and challenges for you to explore.If you love space exploration games, just check out Save The Astronaut. This is a very cool, enticing and fun game that you will enjoy all the time. Download the game now and test your skills!=> Features:• Beautifully designed, minimalist space world• Randomly generated levels bring you unlimited challenges• Great music that will accompany you as you play
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