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Superstar Ninja Turtle Fight 2018

Play as action Grand ninja super Warrior Turtle Sword in the street Fight Game. all street criminal fight with your mutant real ninja shadow super boxing turtle and sword crime fighting skills. As sword flying super ninja champ show your mutant ninja street sword fighter game in teenage ultimate mutant ninja game to fight bad people and deadly kill criminals. Swing your teen fight mafia crime ninja sword to protect the people of rand city simulation town and eliminate the bad terrorists & incredible monsters with the edge of your sword free style blade. Apart from that, steal ninja bike and cars from the streets of your futuristic grand turtle city, and be a flying turtle super bike rider as you race across the village city. So if you see a super ninja flying real mutant & you like, just steal it by defeating deadly street criminals. Embark on a flying turtle boxing epic ninja warrior street adventure and get yourself ready for this grand crime turtle world action ninja shadow mafia ninja crime warrior game where you play as turtle warrior who has been trained as teen regular street fight ninja by revenge super blade & alligator mma to protect the civilian and fight against mafia gangster heroes to end their criminal danger reign. Some ninja crime battle of swing fight for vengeance and some fight for their survival, the corda street ninja shadow warrior turtle flying kick fights against the gangsta slots to keep his city clean. Superhero flying turtle warrior adventure slots are here to end the vendetta crime, this teenage mutant street adventure hardcore ninja shadow turtle is not going to wait for the police, he got supernatural powers so he is gonna give justice himself. Amazing latest Superstar street turtle ninja 3D Warriors fighting action game , boxing team is ready for their flying kick shot plans to eliminate their rivals in the danger street. so, what’s an evil overlord to do? Make a new pro street sword fighting & rescue idea and better planning, to create an super punch ninja superhero team Mutants! Everywhere, the Kraang free Heros Adventure snatch power Ninja and Turtles for the street security. Do you play as a ninja flying sword turtle city hero who is a turtle that can you use superhero street double sword flying power kick Shadow and fighting skills if not? then use the skills and experience you have trained in, for the daily street crime and city bank robbery, also avoid obstacles on your way especially the spikes, keep an eye on your health bar and try to keep it as high as possible, use the bonuses of Ninja and Turtle Shadow game that can be found all over the place to recover your health and to refill your daggers.Become a grand ninja turtle flying power kick warrior and fight bravely like a real street mafia turtle flying warrior free game to control bad ninja criminals, thugs and crime scene in the NY city. US special force is busy in a city war with power terrorist and you have to play the role of grand ninja street game warrior to rescue the city. Flying mafia Ninja Warrior Turtle Sword arena combat with super turtle hero fighting Game is not the only battle against rivals but also rescue mission to help civilians coming from tours with your superhero flying skills. Features of Superstar Ninja Turtles Sword Fight Game-- Real street Turtle Simulator Fight-- Multiple rescue Missions-- Big city Environment-- 3D Best graphics -- Addictive Game Play-- Sword combo fighting game is a real adventure-- Build your Turtle Rescue super team
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Version : 1.0 for Android 4.1及更高版本

更新日期 : 2018-08-07

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