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Tasks+ is an easy to use, intuitive task and todo list manager that fully synchronizes with Google Tasks.Featuring highly customizable widgets and a simple, clean user interface, Tasks+ is designed to be an effective solution to organizing your tasks.Features include: • Simple, intuitive interface • Customizable appearance and behaviour • Supports full Google Tasks synchronization of lists, tasks & subtasks. (Free version limited to one sync/day. Pro version has unlimited sync, auto-sync and selective list sync functionality.) • Agenda view • Task priority • Sort tasks by title, due date, creation date, priority • Reminders: • Quick reminders from current time • Repeat reminders • Customize notifications with ringtone/alarm sounds • Snooze function (adjustable in Pro) • Move tasks between lists and create lists from tasks • Drag and drop to rearrange tasks (Pro) • “Share Via” using other apps to e.g. email or message a task • Search within task names and notes • Speech to task using Google Voice (requires Voice Search to be installed) • Built-in help and tutorialHighly customizable widgets: • Font size and colour • Button appearance • Background colour, transparency and gradient • Border style • Bullets and numbering • Display or hide subtasks • Priority indicators • Due date highlighting and display • 4x4, 4x2 and 2x2 sizes • Honeycomb/ICS scrollable and resizable widgets (Pro) • And scrollable widgets for compatible launchers (Pro) (Requires launcher with scrollable APIv2 support. e.g. ADW, Go Launcher) • Wide mode / 2 column mode (for 4x2) widget • Custom WidgetStyles (settings to define the widgets appearance) • Save and re-use between widgets (Pro) • Checkboxes and task click functionality (Pro) • Agenda View (Pro)** AD SUPPORTED AFTER 2 WEEKS **Please purchase the unlocker key from the market to unlock Pro features and remove adverts.Search for “TasksPlus Pro” or go to “View more applications” below.**NOTE** Android does not support App to SD for apps using home screen widgets.Please note: Due to a limitation of Google Tasks, Tasks+ can *currently* only sync Google Tasks fields between separate devices.tasksplus, plus, to do, todo, task, list, manager, planner, organizer, google tasks, gtasks, sync, checklist, note, widgetCHANGE LOG:v0.9.992b• Widget fixes• Subtask indentation fixes• DST fix• Checkbox, agenda, list editor FCv0.9.992• Agenda is a separate sort option• Show/hide completed for user sort• Copy/move task• Priority indicator options• Added black and white checkboxes• Extra repeat options• 4x2 2-column widget fix• Updated Spanish translationsv0.9.991/b• Important backup & widget FC fixes• Italian translation updatev0.9.990• SD Backup & Restore• Sort & filtering improvements• More repeat options• Extra widget customizations & improvementsv0.9.984New translations:• Brazilian Portuguese, Spanishv0.9.983• Widget, notification, repeat fixes• Minor bug fixes• Translation updatesv0.9.982• Widget fixesv0.9.981/1b/1c• FC fixesv0.9.98• Scrollable widgets (Tasks+ Pro)• Pop-up notifications - option to automatically popup the reminder screen• Auto-snooze notifications - prevent missed notifications by repeating at a selected interval until opened/dismissed• Widget calibrate button - fix bordering and other display issues• Use global sync settingsBug fixes:• Many widget fixes• Selective sync, time picker, calendar, ICS color picker• Many moreREAD_SYNC_SETTINGS permission v0.9.97ICS/Honeycomb scrollable & resizable widgetTranslation updatesMinor fixesv0.9.963Translation updatesv0.9.961 - v0.9.962Translations:German, Italian, SwedishFull changelog in app.
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Tasks+ 0.9.992c for Android 2.1及更高版本 下载

Version : 0.9.992c for Android 2.1及更高版本

更新日期 : 2016-05-30

下载APK (2.69 MB)

Tasks+ 0.9.992c for Android 2.1及更高版本 下载

Version : 0.9.992c for Android 2.1及更高版本

更新日期 : 2018-08-13

下载APK (2.69 MB)

Tasks+ 0.9.84 for Android 2.1及更高版本 下载

Version : 0.9.84 for Android 2.1及更高版本

更新日期 : 2016-08-09

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