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    Sep 12 2019

Transformers Mod MCPE

The Mod robots transformers for MCPE implements six of the alien robots. The robots have incredible powers which allow them to do things such as transforming into different vehicles. There are two different alliances known as the Autobots (friendly) and the Decepticons (hostile) and they have each very different behaviors.Mod robots transformers for MCPE – Autobots.Optimus Prime is a skillful fighter who possess good military tactics and advanced alien technologies. He is considered the leader of the Autobots which is one of the factions in Transformers mod MCPE.Replaces iron golemFriendly (Autobots Side)Transforms randomly into a truck (snow golem)Truck shoots explosivesHealth: 200-300 heartsAttack damage: 20 – 25Ride truck similar to riding a horseYou can find him spawning randomly around large villages or you can build one by using four iron blocks and a pumpkin. It works similarly to spawning an iron golem.Optimus Prime is naturally friendly towards players and (for the most part) hostile towards dangerous mobs.Bumblebee is one of the bravest and most trusted lieutenants among Optimus Prime’s troops. He might not be the strongest, but his hate for the Decepticons is strong and that makes him a powerful warrior in combat. Similar to the other Autobots he’s friendly towards players.Attack damage: 20 – 40Shoots explosivesHealth: 150 – 175 heartsReplaces wither skeletonTransforms randomly into a car vehicleShoots explosivesHealth: 150 – 200 heartsReplaces witchesRideable similar to horsesGrimlock is a Dinobot which instead of transforming into vehicles transforms into huge dinosaurs. The Dinobots is a subfaction of the Autobots (meaning, the friendly ones) and that means that they fight on the same side as the Autobots (e.g. Optimus Prime and soon).Attack damage: 200 – 400 (one-hit-kill)Shoots explosives at randomHealth: 400 – 475 heartsReplaces zombieRideable by Optimus Prime onlyDecepticonsBlackout is an extremely dangerous Transformer which will hunt down his enemies and kill them with no mercy. He’s very fast and spawns mostly everywhere since he replaces the creeper.Replaces creeperHostile (Decepticons Side)Transforms randomly into a helicopter (blaze)Helicopter shoots missilesHealth: 100-150 heartsAttack damage: 20 – 25Occasionally he will transform into a missile-shooting helicopter.It is automatically hostile towards players and sometimes Optimus Prime as well.Here you can see Blackout and Optimus Prime going to war again steach other. Blackout has transformed into a helicopter and shoots missiles at Optimus Prime who tries to knock Blackout out of theair.Shockwave is an evil Decepticon which is under the command of “Megatron”. It’s by default hostile towards players and will attack them by shooting large fireballs. At this point it can’t transform into anything but that’s likely to happen for a futureupdate.Replaces the evokerHealth: 200-225 heartsShoots large fireballsHostile towards players
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Version : 1.18 for Android 4.0及更高版本

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Version : 1.17 for Android 4.0及更高版本

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