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    Jul 30 2020


Easy and unnecessary song skipping by check box. Easy shuffle memory.Simple UI only for list views.Another new app has been added to the Android music player!It is a player application of external (microSD) or internal music according to Android's specifications of internal memory music.※Note: It takes a few minutes for Music ID search at the first start app. please wait. The feature is the Disasble (Invalid, Skip) function of the song by the checkbox of the song.This allows you to skip unnecessary songs such as instrumental songs in a single CD.Easy playlist creation with long press on list view. There is also a link to Google search of lyrics.After narrowing down the songs by the search word, in the setting Add all list of musics to playlistThere is also an easy all songs playlist creation function. Replacement of microSD after model change and song IDif you change, etc., there is also a consistency adjustment function Music ID resetting from the settings.Equipped with an off timer function. You can specify the countdown time for app forced termination every 5 minutes from the timer button.Play by tapping from the list. Play from the beginning of the list with the play button.The repeat button can select No Repeat, One Song Repeat, All Songs Repeat, All Repeat After Shuffle(Shuffle execution after all-track repeat and play from the first track).In shuffle execution, shuffle execution in the list and the song order after shuffle can be rearranged.The shuffle execution button is switched to the ascending order execution button by long press.The shuffled or ascending state is the top left button. If you do not execute shuffle execution or ascending order once,The leftmost button can not be shuffled state.Search terms can be separated by =, &, |. ※ We do not cope with ().& And | vertical bars are OR and = for element specification.Michael Jackson|Queen allows you to easily extract a mix list of all songs of Michael Jackson and Queen.ARTIST=Perfume of ARTIST is Perfume songs only lists..= You can specify TITLE ARTIST ALBUM as the previous element.When you exit the application with the back button, if there is a song that is playingIt will play from the beginning of the song at the next restart app.Explanation of buttons (from the left)○ Ascending / Shuffle ... Ascending state (disable sortable) / shuffle state (enable sortable) switching.○ Shuffle Execution / Ascending execution ... (This two switch by long press) / shuffle execution by tap / ascending execution by tap.○ No Repeat / One Song Repeat / All Songs Rpeat / All Repeat After Shuffle ... Change the repeat status respectively.○ Timer ... Countdown timer setting until application forced termination (Timer cancellation at 0)○ Settings ... to application settings screenIf Music not reflected (added / deleted)Search Google Play with SD scan etc. and execute Rescan SD etc.Then try relaunching UsefulMusicPlayer.If you want to make sure to reflect, please execute Music ID resetting from the setting after that.If the song in the playlist is deleted or notIf you execute Music ID resetting, no music will be a list of forced Disable status.In this state, playback is not possible and only possible operations are delete.The playlist and the songs in the playlist can be deleted by swiping left and right.Playlists, songs in playlists, and shuffled songs can be swapped up and down.(Tap the rightmost four lines, drag and drop)○For users of Android 8.1.0 (Oreo MR1) or laterThe app may end when it sleeps.If you turn off the Battery → Background Intelligent Power Save item in the settingsPlease try it as it may improve.○ Also for Android 6.0 (Marshmarrow) or later users, App → Useful Music Player →Battery optimization → All apps → Useful Music Player → Not optimize(There may be a possibility that battery consumption may be faster.) Select it → Done may improve it, so please try.
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Version : 1.4.10 for Android 4.1及更高版本

更新日期 : 2020-07-30

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