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    Feb 12 2019


Every day, business people exchange business cards, people share phone numbers and e-mail addresses, consumers provide retailers with contact information, and more.Veee.Me, the Virtual Environment to Enable Enhanced Message Exchange, provides three key components to help users remain connected with family, friends, and business associates in today's digital world.A Veee.Me QR Code is a digital business card. A business card you will always have with you. Perhaps the last business card you will ever need since the content can be updated as often as you want. If you get a new job, address, phone number, social media account, etc all you need to do is update your code information and the next time anybody who has your code in their VeeeMe contact list views your information they will see your updated information. Likewise, whenever anybody in your contact list updates their information you will see the new information. The Veee.Me app lets you swipe to select which of up to five codes to display. Your code can be viewed by any smart phone with a QR code reader without installing the Veee.Me app.Veee.Me provides a cloud-based contact list. Your contacts can be viewed using any Internet connected device. If your phone is lost, broken, or replaced you will still have access to your contact list from any Internet connected device.Your public codes will be searchable on the Internet. In addition to the searchable Veee.Me database your public codes wiil appear as single page websites.The Veee.Me app provides an integrated Veee.Me aware QR Code reader you can use to exchange contact informaton with a three touches and a function that allows you to merge your device contact list with your Veee.Me contact list.
Veee.Me 历史版本
Veee.Me 1.1.0 for Android 4.1及更高版本 下载

Version : 1.1.0 for Android 4.1及更高版本

更新日期 : 2019-02-12

下载APK (1.97 MB)

Veee.Me 1.0.8 for Android 4.1及更高版本 下载

Version : 1.0.8 for Android 4.1及更高版本

更新日期 : 2019-01-07

下载APK (1.97 MB)

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