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Warbirds is an action game that simulates air combats during the Second World War. Dive into the history and witness the rise of dramatic events between the years 1939 and 1945. Fight in the role of the legendary heroic pilot on the side of Allies against hostile Axis. It is your duty to help win this war and defeat the enemy with machine guns and other heartless arms of the time that your warplane is equipped with. In a solo campaign you will be fighting across whole Europe in countries such as Soviet Union, Germany or Great Britain. Each mission is unique and you will have to make a special timing, tactics and strategy to finish it. Missions as Battle of Britain, Battle of Stalingrad, Battle of Berlin and many others historical events waiting for you in the game. Likewise the tasks in each country are distinctive. On one occasion you have to ambush enemy base and terminate specific targets using air strike. Another time you have to take out enemy battleship and bomb the enemy bases with several rockets. You earn score, gold and experience from every killed or destroyed enemy in a battlefield. There are 22 possible levels to be finished. With every gained stripe you consequently get new special skills (bombing, mass blitz, turbo, canon, rocket, double rockets, maneuver, air strike). These warfare skills are shown in in-game interface.Gold will serve you to get new ultimate aircrafts and upgrades (radar, armor, weapons, fuel, speed upgrade, endurance, ammunition,and another). You will come across with different types of ground and navy enemies such as tanks, artillery, infantry, warships and battle cruisers. The game can be considered as 2.5D with impressive 3D warplanes and beautiful 2D environment. The whole mission environment contains smooth and realistic graphics. You can modify and enhance the look of your warplanes in the hangar with different color camouflage and flags on wings. Achievements are visualized as medals that you gain after certain number destroyed enemies and other stuff. Enjoy this adventure game with arcade features. Become an ingenious winner commander with your rough airborne troops and other aerial commando dogfights that will never feel the pain of defeat. The game is addictive and free to play with a lot of fun.- Intense, hardcore and thrilling combats- Three types of difficulties- Different types of warplanes: Avia B-534, Morane Saulnier 406, Supermarine Spitfire, Avro Lancaster- Detailed cutting edge graphics and super-realistic sounds- Supports Google Play game services (leader boards, achievements, send gift)- Smooth and simple aircraft control system based on gyroscope- Following historical events - Stunning animations and realistic units & buildings- Rich social features- Wonderful 22 levels and over 130 missions with flawless design
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更新日期 : 2019-05-31

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